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The convergence of the Lake Gulch and Inner Canyon trails at Castlewood Canyon State Park has been the subject of lengthy discussions and debate for many years. At this location, students and hikers must cross the Cherry Creek in order to complete a picturesque two mile loop.  Since there is no bridge at this juncture, the current method of crossing requires traversing a series of boulders. Navigation of the crossing is tricky even in perfect conditions. At times of the year when the water is high, or after rains when the rocks are wet, crossing becomes even more challenging.  Ice and snow can make the conditions impassable.

A previous attempt at a cost effective natural bridge proved unsuccessful and was, unfortunately, swept away by an unusual swell in the Creek not long after it was installed.  Research into a larger, more resilient bridge has raised both environmental and fiscal challenges for the Park.  Recognizing the importance of this issue for all Park visitors, Friends of Castlewood Canyon is kicking off a campaign to raise funds to construct a bridge, Wildcat Canyon Bridge, at the intersection of the Lake Gulch and Inner Canyon Trails.  Funds donated through this website will supplement grants and other fund raising efforts as well as augment CPW approved Park capital expenditures.  Your donation is critical to the success of this project.  Please consider donating today!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What will the bridge look like?  What type of bridge is being considered?

Various types of bridges and materials are currently being considered.  For example, modular designs that will limit the cost of transporting materials to the work site (which is approximately a mile down a narrow, descending trail) have a definite advantage.  Other considerations include minimizing the impact on the riparian ecosystem and the wildlife species in and around this location, accounting for unusual rises in water levels, safety, and cost efficiency.  More details on the proposed bridge will be posted here as the project progresses and the project budget is finalized.

When will the new bridge be ready for use?

At this time, this project has been designated as a near-term priority by Park Management, with efforts focused towards completion of construction within the next 2 - 5 years.

Will the trails be closed while the proposed bridge is under construction?

The Park will make all efforts to keep trails open during construction of the proposed bridge.  Details about any necessary closures will be determined once the bridge design and construction approach are defined.  Trail status / conditions will be posted at trail heads during construction.

Can I pay with a check instead of using Paypal or a credit card?

Yes.  Please write "bridge donation" in the note field of your check. Make checks payable to Friends of Castlewood Canyon State Park and send to:

Friends of Castlewood Canyon State Park

PO Box 403

Franktown, CO 80116

My company is interested in matching my donation.  Who should we contact to make arrangements?

Please send us an email here.

What will happen to money donated if the project, for some reason, does not go forward?

By donating to this project, you are donating to the Friends of Castlewood Canyon and to their efforts to protect, preserve and promote Castlewood Canyon State Park.  If circumstances arise that prevent this project from moving forward, your donation will be transferred to other projects of importance to the Park.  At the current time, other projects on the horizon include a future educational center, visitor center renovations, additions and improvements to the interpretive experience at the Park, and other experience enhancing initiatives.  If you are donating a sizable sum and would like to specifically restrict your donation, please contact us here.

Is my donation tax deductible?

Friends of Castlewood Canyon State Park is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Donations are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.


Friends of Castlewood Canyon

State Park

PO Box 403

Franktown, CO 80116

E: focwcsp@gmail.com


Castlewood Canyon State Park

2989 S. Highway 83

Franktown, CO 80116

T: (303) 688-5242

E: castlewood.canyon@state.co.us

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