Friends of Castlewood Canyon State Park is a 501(c)(3), not-for-profit organization led by a Board of Directors. While our Board members come from various backgrounds with a variety of interests and skills, each member is committed to our mission of protecting, preserving and promoting Castlewood Canyon State Park, its history and its resources. All of our Board members are active in fundraising events for the Park.  Although it is not a requirement for Board participation, most are also registered CPW volunteers, donating their time to Park operations and events as well as activities of FoCCSP.


Member_Dave Shipley.jpg

Founding President 1997 - 2002

I was the incorporating and founding president of Friends of Castlewood Canyon State Park. Why? To preserve, protect and promote the Park, which at the time was in immediate danger of being area-limited and boxed in by land developers. We needed a buffer zone around the Park! Colorado State Parks (before the CPW merger) was motivated but had neither the staff nor the resources to make timely acquisition of threatened properties a reality and they needed help.  Thus, the genesis of Friends of Castlewood Canyon State Park, as an autonomous organization, to help lead the charge, form coalitions, raise funds, lobby state/local politicians and energize the local population.  What we started then still goes on today and continues to grow.  Come join us.



Board_Dale Campbell 3.jpg

Dale has been a volunteer at the Park since 1995 and is a founding member of FoCCSP. He served as secretary from 2005 - 2016 and was elected president in August 2016. Dale is a knowledgeable Park Ambassador and enjoys interacting with Park visitors.  He is a mentor to other Board members and assists in the planning of many Friends events, including the annual Dam Run.



Board_Liz Bade_2.jpg

A volunteer since 2009, and a Friends board member since 2012, Liz's contribution to the Park is significant. She manages the money as well as the native garden, writes grants, organizes weed warriors, prepares naturalist training material and, most recently is involved with the leave no trace program and interpretive sign project.



Board_Susan Boyd 3.jpg

One of the longest serving volunteers at the Park, Sharon began volunteering in 1995 and is a founding member of FoCCSP.  She has been a board member since 2004. Sharon is an experienced Park Ambassador, enjoys leading group hikes, and is a regular contributor to our newsletter, Voice of the Canyon.


Member at Large

Board_Bev Finamore

Bev is behind the scenes at most Park and Friends sponsored events. Her most recent success was taking a leadership role in the Park's Leave No Trace Gold Standard Achievement.


Member at Large

Member_Susan Williams

Susan's smiling face is often seen at the entrance to the Park where she is a regular volunteer in the Visitor Center. She is also the lead in development of promotional materials and community partnerships for the Friends of Castlewood Canyon.

Steve L'Esperance


Vice President

Steve joined Friends in 2019.  A frequent park hiker, he heard about Friends and quickly immersed himself in 'all things Castlewood".    He is passionate about helping the growing community experience the majesty of the outdoors through Castlewood Canyon SP!  He is working closely with other members of the board with the Wildcat Bridge project.


Board_Travis Brown.jpg

Member at Large

Travis joined the Park as a volunteer naturalist in 2015. He is an ambassador on the trails and contributes his skills as a Western BBQ cook with a flair for cobbler at many Park events. Today, he is VP of the Friends Board, co-Dam Run Director and the Breakfast Club's flapjack flipper at the Dam Run event. He's also known for greeting visitors from the shadows at the Canyon's annual Haunted Trail.


Board_Jeannette Littlejohn_3.jpg


Jeannette has been volunteering at the Park since 2013. In addition to her treasurer responsibilities, she enjoys bluebird monitoring and is a knowledgeable Park Ambassador at the West Gate and nearly all FoCCSP events. Jeannette's also your best friend at the end of the hot chocolate line after the Haunted Trail event.


Board_Chris Glaeser_3.jpg

Member at Large

Chris volunteers his time at several community organizations and we are fortunate to have him at Castlewood. He is a regular at most FoCCSP events and one of our newest board members. Chris is also an attendant and Park Ambassador at both the main entrance and the west gate and a proud member of the Wildcat Canyon HOA.



Member at Large

Bridget enjoys monitoring blue bird boxes, working in the native garden, and planning and organizing volunteer participation at many Park events, including Park participation in the annual Parker Days Parade!