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For more than 25 years, Friends of Castlewood Canyon has kept a watchful eye on this hidden gem of the prairie. And there is still much to do.  Four fascinating ecosystems create the beauty of our Park.  The plants and wildlife that reside in each are threatened by increasing visitation, budget constraints and a constantly changing environment. More than ever before, it is critical for Friends of Castlewood Canyon to continue our mission to protect, preserve and promote Castlewood Canyon State Park.


A Dedicated Educational Center

Having completed the work for the Wildcat Canyon Bridge, Friends and the Park are now focusing on looking into the future for a proposed Educational Facility.  With increasing number of visitors enjoying the park over the last five years, and a need for a dedicated educational space large enough to support school groups, the existing Visitor Center, unfortunately will not provide for future needs.  Understanding this constraint, Friends and the Park are in the initial stages of defining specific facility parameters for the design of a new Educational Center.

Initial concepts for the facility include:

▫    Space large enough to support typical school groups – approximately 60 students and accompanying staff,
▫    Storage room(s) for tables, chairs and educational materials,
▫    An office space to support park staff needs,
▫    Climate controlled bathroom facilities that would be open year-round to the public, and
▫    Potential incorporation of energy efficient features of building construction.


Currently, a group which includes a Colorado Parks & Wildlife (CPW) project manager, park staff and a committee of park volunteers with subject matter experience, are working to more fully define the initial concept parameters.  Once defined, the next step is to have a consultant develop a concept plan and cost estimate.  With this information, the CPW Project Management and park staff can request design and construction funding for the building.  This is the point where Friends would begin fundraising efforts for up to 10% of the construction cost of the building.


Funding review and approval could possibly occur in the first half of 2025.  Beyond that, if funding is approved, construction could potentially begin sometime in 2027.  As Friends learns more about this exciting potential expansion of park facilities, we’ll be sure to provide updates.  In the meantime, if this project catches your interest and you would like to help with the project and/or fundraising efforts, just click on the “Contact” tab and let us know your interest.

Kids in a Park Education Center.jpg

Long-term Vision

Visitor Experience Enhancements

Historical Preservation Lucas Homestead

More to Come

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