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For over 20 years, Friends of Castlewood Canyon has kept a watchful eye on this hidden gem in our community. And still, there is much to do.  The four fascinating ecosystems that comprise our Park, and the plant and wildlife that resides in each, are threatened by increasing visitation, budget constraints and a constantly changing environment. More than ever before, it is critical for Friends of Castlewood Canyon to continue in our mission to protect, preserve and promote Castlewood Canyon State Park.


The Bridge at Lake Gulch / Inner Canyon

The convergence of the Lake Gulch and Inner Canyon trails at Castlewood Canyon State Park has been the subject of lengthy discussions and debate for many years. At this location, students and hikers must cross the Cherry Creek in order to complete a picturesque two mile loop.  Since there is no bridge at this juncture, the current method of crossing requires traversing a series of boulders. Navigation of the crossing is tricky even in perfect conditions. At times of the year when the water is high, or after rains when the rocks are wet, crossing becomes even more challenging.  Ice and snow can make the conditions impassable.

A previous attempt at a cost-effective natural bridge proved unsuccessful as it was unfortunately swept away by an unusual swell in the Creek not long after it was installed.  Recognizing the importance of a safe and accessible Cherry Creek crossing for all Park visitors, Friends of Castlewood Canyon began working with Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) Engineering staff in February 2020 to urge this project forward.  Thanks to everyone’s donations and focus on the project, CPW realized the importance of this initiative and in May 2020, committed funding for the project.  Click below to learn the latest about next steps for the Wildcat Canyon Bridge.

Long-term Vision

Castlewood Canyon Education Center

Historical Preservation Lucas Homestead

More to Come

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