The response for the 2017 contest was overwhelming.  More than 40 photographs were submitted by multiple photographers.  For the folks that participated in the contest, we thank you for taking the time and effort to submit your photos this year.

The winner for 2017 was Kelly Coppin of Idaho.  Kelly is a student at Brigham Young University-Idaho, where she is studying social media marketing and will graduate this year.  She took the photo on her I-phone as she and her husband were out for a hike while visiting family in the area.  “What I love most about the photo,” she says, “was how you can see the trees on one side and the rock on the other. Both of those things make the park so amazing!”

Kelly says she is not a trail runner but she is a hiker and considers herself lucky with the timing of the photo.   “The views were amazing and the storm blowing in was, too,” she says. “So I really wanted to capture that.  I love taking pictures as a hobby.  One day I hope to make it more of a profession but for now I'm happy keeping it a hobby.”

It was Kelly’s first time hiking Castlewood Canyon State Park but she says she will be back often. “I've always loved being outdoors and hiking. I grew up in El Dorado Hills, California and have visited State and National Parks all over the country.  This one is really special.”

Thanks, Kelly, for your photographic artistry!