Fundraising Support

Perhaps you’ve had the occasion to talk with neighbors or Park visitors about Friends and the positive contribution we make to the Park.  Have you ever considered what it takes to maintain that support for the Park?
Friends supports an array of Park endeavors, small and large, from snacks at Haunted Trails, TV Day BBQs, and Wonders in Castlewood Canyon to raising big funds for the Visitor Center remodel (have you seen the new vestibule yet?) and land acquisition.  As a small and relatively new organization, Friends is constantly evolving and learning.  Because the efforts the organization supports are increasing in number and size, the ability to raise funds needs to keep pace.
In sustaining its Mission of supporting Castlewood Canyon State Park, Friends is constantly seeking ways to raise funds to support these efforts.  At one time or another, each Friends member may have an opportunity to support fundraising in one way or another.  Have you considered how you might position Friends in such a fundraising request?  Here is a “Sound bite” that can be considered for Friends:

  • Friends is a totally non-profit:  100% of donations and fund raising goes directly to support Park projects.
  • Friends objectives are preservation and education about the unique ecosystems and habitats that are contained in the Park, as well as research into history and past cultures in the area.
  • Castlewood Canyon is the only opportunity within minutes of two major metropolitan areas to experience history, geology, flora, fauna, birding including Turkey Vultures), environmental education, rock climbing, school programs, and a natural resources reserve!
  • The Park is the gem of the prairie – More than you realized…always more to discover.
Want to learn more about how to consider Friends in fundraising discussions?  Click here…