Friends Goals and Objectives

We are about done with our budgeting process for 2016.  Part of this process is deciding on what projects we wish to support and how much this support will cost in order to give the Fundraising Team a target to shoot for.

Our major goal is to contribute to the Visitor Center Makeover. Current items on the list for the Center are a metallic Park map next to the counter. Then, there is the geologic/ecosystem display to the left as you walk into the visitor center.

The second goal is to put interpretive signage at the Lucas Homestead and Castlewood Dam. It is unclear what this would look like but such signage has been sorely needed for many years.

Friends will continue to fund the Wonders Program, volunteer program and other Park programs.

Our budget for 2016 is estimated to be around $32,000 and we presently have $25,000 in the bank.  As you can see, we have more than a little work ahead of us for 2016 but we do have a year to accomplish our goals.

A brief reminder of what we have done in the recent past:
    $20k for the makeover of the vestibule
    $30k for the purchase of the Kleinert place
    $7k for the visitor center retail wall

Part of the success of Friends in their mission has been the result of multiple organizations who have provided support for our fundraising efforts.  To see who these supporting companies are, click here