Sunday, September 18, 2022 starting at 7:00 AM

A true trail run through the beautiful and

challenging Castlewood Canyon State Park,

south of metro Denver, Colorado.

Save the Date for the 9th Annual Run through the Park!

See below for details for the Run

BackgroundBackground & Venue

Castlewood Canyon is a hidden treasure for hikers and trail runners.  The Park is a Colorado Natural Area providing abundant wildlife, plant, and geologic viewing opportunities. The theme of the Run, a surprising remnant of local history, is on display at the ruins of Castlewood Dam. This historic dam burst during a storm in 1933, sending a wave of water flooding into Denver.  Runners participating in the 10K run will pass this unexpected window to the past, as well as the historic Lucas Homestead site.

2022 marks the 9th annual Dam Run at Castlewood Canyon State Park


The Dam Run is a fundraising event.  All profits will benefit Castlewood Canyon State Park. Your participation will help us protect and preserve this special place in our community.

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Dam Run Distance & Timing


10K :  This run is long at approximately 6.5 miles. A true trail run with variety of terrain and nearly no asphalt.

5K :  This run is short at approximately 3.0 miles.

Both runs will begin and end at the Canyon Point parking lot at Castlewood Canyon starting at 7:00AM.  Neither course is certified for length.


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A Look at This Year's Dam Run

The In-Person 9th annual Dam Run at Castlewood Canyon is set for Sunday, September 18, 2022.

For those who may want to run the course on a day of your choosing, the Virtual Dam Run is the option that should be on your calendar!  Available throughout the month of September, participants may run the course as many times as they like during the month, but only one run time may be reported to be recorded. Times will need to be reported back to the park Visitor Center or e-mailed to the Race Director via RunningGuru.  For this Virtual option, personal variation to the desired route is approved if the distances are approximately the same.

So, keep moving, be safe and get out on the trail.  We look forward to having you participate in the 2021 Dam Run at Castlewood Canyon.  Just click HERE to register.



Register is available online at

Park entrance fees are NOT included with registration.

When registering online, there may be a small processing fee added to the registration fee.


All finishers will be rewarded with a "Friends of Castlewood Canyon" buff!  After the Dam Run, be sure to post your best run pictures on Facebook and tag Castlewood Canyon State Park!


There are no refunds.


On the morning of the Dam Run, please enter at Castlewood Canyon State Park's main entrance which is located 5 miles south of Franktown on Highway 83. Your park entrance fee is NOT included in your race entry, so you will need to pay at the window. The start and finish lines will be at the Canyon Point parking lot. Proceed to the Canyon Point parking lot.  


Participants will park at Canyon Point parking lot.  If the Canyon Point parking lot is full, there are several smaller parking lots nearby. Please refer to the Castlewood Canyon State Park Map for more detailed information on location of parking lots. 

​​Course descriptions:

The 10K - This trail run is all about variety of terrain on the trails! A true trail run - no asphalt here! This challenging race starts and ends at the Canyon Point parking lot.  You will start at the Lake Gulch trail head and run down the Lake Gulch trail to the Dam trail where you will see remnants of the Castlewood Dam.  You will run up a steep incline to Rimrock where you will run along the rim of the canyon. Enjoy the views, but don't take your eyes off the trail for too long - running on the rim rocks is a little tricky! You will then head down a challenging and technical descent to Creek Bottom trail where you will cross Cherry Creek, run along the creek and past the beautiful waterfalls. You will then run back up the Dam trail to Inner Canyon trail, cross the creek and up steep steps to the finish line at the Inner Canyon trail head where we will be cheering for you.


The 5K - For the first 0.8 miles, runners in both events will share the course.  After crossing Cherry Creek at the bottom of Lake Gulch trail, 5K runners will turn right and enter the Inner Canyon trail. At 1.6 miles, after a steep ascent, 5K runners will emerge from the canyon and complete the remainder of the distance on the paved Canyon View Nature Trail.  For the final 0.2 miles, 5K runners will re-join the 10K course to finish in the same location.  


Hikers are welcome on either course and are encouraged to be part of this year's event!


• 5k Registration:     See Registration options at ...
• 10k Registration:   See Registration options at 

Want more trail running?  See the State Park Duo Series details below.


NO dogs or strollers are allowed on either course.

Additional Information:

For details, see Registration site at

Runner Guidance

See Registration site at

After Your Run:

Packaged food and drinks will be available.



All finishers will be rewarded with a "Friends of Castlewood Canyon" buff! Virtual Run participants may pick up their award from the Park's Visitor Center (open 9am to 5pm)

Number of Participants: Limited to 200

Fastest Times:

While we do see some serious runners at this event, it is a fundraiser and all levels of ability are welcome. Participants walking along at a quick pace are just as appreciated as those trying to achieve a best time. Please join us in enjoying the trails at sunrise!

Want More Trail Running?

Once again, Castlewood Canyon has partnered with Cheyenne Mountain State Park to offer a variety of combinations for the State Park Duo Series.  Run at Castlewood Canyon State Park on September 19th and then at Cheyenne Canyon State Park on October 9th.


Register for both runs and receive one of the following reduced pricing combinations:

The Dam Run at Castlewood Canyon 10k and the Cheyenne Mountain 25k

  • Present to September 8th:  $100 for both runs

  • After September 9th to September 17th:  $115 for both runs


The Dam Run at Castlewood Canyon 10k and the Cheyenne Mountain 10k

  • Present to September 8th:  $80 for both runs

  • After September 9th to September 17th:  $100 for both runs


The Dam Run at Castlewood Canyon 5k and the Cheyenne Mountain 5k Run 

  • Present to September 9th:  $60 for both runs

  • After September 9st to September 17th:  $70 for both runs


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