About Our Members

Friends’ members come from many walks of life, representing a variety of career experiences, including Engineering, Telecommunications and Systems Development.  But, we all have one focus in common – an enjoyment of the Park and the many educational and environmental resources the Park provides.  And we all share a strong desire to protect, preserve and promote these resources.

In a sense, the Friends Organization serves as a focal point for gathering together people with this common interest of supporting the Park and its objectives.  A large majority of Friends members are also volunteers for the Park.  However, becoming a volunteer for the Park is not a pre-requisite for becoming a Friends member.  The group welcomes any and all people who are interested in fostering support the Friends mission of supporting the Park.

While the efforts of Park volunteers and the efforts of Friends members both support the Park, there is a distinction between the two.  For example, Friends members become members as a result of paying dues to the organization, whereas volunteers become volunteers via a selection process specifically set up for volunteers.  From another perspective, Friends members are independent of the Park versus volunteers being aligned with Park staff.  Additionally, membership in Friends involves membership in a 501(c) (3) nonprofit corporation engaged in fundraising efforts.  The Park volunteers are focused on contributing their time in supporting Park activities and events.  And finally, within Friends, the organization is directed by members versus the Park volunteers being directed by the Volunteer Coordinator and the Park staff.