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Next meeting Saturday, October 10. 10:00 a.m. meeting. ANNUAL MEETING. Be there to plan 2016...add a little support.

Welcome to the Friends of Castlewood Canyon State Park website!

Established in 1998, Friends of Castlewood Canyon State Park (FoCCSP) is an organization devoted solely to the protection, preservation, and enhancement of Castlewood Canyon State Park. FoCCSP is an independent, non-profit organization with 501 (c)(3) status that operates under a cooperative agreement with Colorado Parks and Wildlife and supports and promotes Castlewood Canyon State Park by raising funds and recruiting volunteers to:
  • Preserve and enhance the Park’s natural, cultural, and recreational resources.
  • Increase public awareness and stewardship.
  • Support educational and interpretive activities that inspire visitors and increase their understanding and enjoyment of the Park.
  • Protect its boundaries.
FoCCSP, a 100% volunteer organization with more than 100 active members, is a completely autonomous organization of private citizens dedicated to preservation, protection and promotion of the Park.  While some of our members are also Volunteer Naturalists at the Park, FoCCSP operates as a completely independent entity, free to work with elected officials, raise funds, and engage the media as we deem necessary to accomplish our goals and long term vision.

The Friends group is currently involved with supporting a number of projects and initiatives within the Park, including an upgrade to the Visitors Center at the Park and improvement/replacement of the interpretative signage at the Park.  This is in addition to support of ongoing and seasonal activities, including supporting the Park’s education programs and interaction with visitors.

FoCCSP provides the most direct pipeline for citizen input into the Park decision making process and into the operations of the Park.  Membership is open to all and we are actively soliciting new members to help bring our vision to reality.  We invite you to consider supporting Friends of Castlewood Canyon, either by joining the group and/or financially supporting the goals of the organization.

In the various web pages contained with the FoCCSP website, you can learn about the history of the organization, the membership, past and present projects and the Park itself.  If you have questions or want to learn more about the organization, just click the Contact Us link.